Meet your healers.


We’re glad you’re here. It’s certainly not by chance.

We’re Jeffery and Margaret Charvet. After years in the Pacific Northwest, we fell in love with the Sonoran Desert, married during a Sedona sunset, and now call southern Arizona home. Separately, each of us is a gifted intuitive healer. Working together? Our abilities are amplified tenfold. Seriously, how fabulous is that? Our passion is sharing our gifts and providing guidance and support through life’s journeys. Read on to learn about each of us.

We look forward to working with you.

Margaret Trenholm Charvet has enjoyed connecting with spirit and nature her entire life. A highly trained animal tracker and outdoorswoman, her bonds to the earth run deep and have fostered an innate ability to watch, listen, and know.

These gifts enabled Margaret to work as a Licensed Professional Counselor and serve children in troubled situations. After decades in service, spirit called upon Margaret to develop and strengthen her intuition even further and add quantum healing abilities to the mix. Spirit is clearly wise, as the process gifted Margaret with a deep passion for showing clients not only who they truly are, but where their specific gifts lie. She particularly loves the moment a client steps into their power and blossoms.

Margaret is also skilled in Awakening Dynamics, Akashic Record Reading, Angel Healing, and Reiki. She infuses those around her with vibrations of love and acceptance. Her calm, quiet demeanor is a balm for those who are shy, introverted, or in trauma.

In her down time, Margaret enjoys traveling and experiencing how others live. She cherishes time with her wife Jeffery; meanwhile, their beloved dogs and goats ensure life is hilarious and never, ever dull.

Jeffery Lisa Charvet’s intuitive healing abilities were evident even during childhood. As a young adult she was fortunate to spend several years under the tutelage of a Hopi medicine woman. It was during this time of study that her skills greatly expanded, and a life of service was born.

Her love of nature, combined with a flair for working with her hands, led to decades of building houses and fighting Alaskan wildfires. During quiet stretches of time, Jeffery added Reiki, Quantum Healing, and Healing in the Angelic Realm to her ever-growing list of intuitive gifts.

After retiring and moving to the Sonoran Desert, Jeffery underwent a major healing event. To her surprise, the event revealed yet another gift—the ability to communicate with those who have crossed over. Careful training and mentoring have strengthened her proficiency, and it’s quickly become one of her favorite modalities. Jeffery is both excited and humbled each time she connects a client with a loved one, and the result has proven to be life changing for everyone concerned.

Off the clock, Jeffery loves playing drums, singing, and working on the small farm she owns with beloved wife Margaret. Between the dogs, goats, and planning for chickens, there’s never a dull moment!

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