Happy Clients

Palo santo slowly burning in a bowl with sage, the smoke lingers in the air in front of a large crystal.

“My Soul Portrait reading went far beyond my expectations. They shared information that filled in gaps I didn’t know existed and connected dots I never thought were related. I really appreciated the ample discussion time–Margaret didn’t just hand me a document and show me the door. Instead, She went over it with me, paragraph by paragraph, while Jeffery was there to add additional commentary and points of view. All my questions were answered, and I’ve emerged with a deeper, stronger knowledge of myself. Thanks, you two!”

Anne P.

Various crystals surround a bowl of smoking palo santo and sage.

“Connecting with my brother, who died by suicide, was beyond my wildest dreams. There was no mistaking it was him. Jeffery shared details that only my brother would know. I was also connected with a previous girlfriend who was looking out for me. I treasure that experience and will be using that service again. In my humble opinion, use these two amazing people to support you spiritually in connecting with those who are no longer in the physical world and well… just for personal growth.
They will rock your world!”

-Robyn P.

Close-up of the tips of several large quartz crystals.

“I’ve had 2 amazing experiences with Charvet Healing. For my soul portrait reading, I was not sure what to expect. Margaret gave me a couple of quick (what I call) teasers in the beginning that wowed me. When I received the full reading, I was amazed at how in-depth and professional it was. It was truly impactful to have information resonate deep down in my soul and it helped me accept who I am and the journey I am on. I still go back to it and re-read aspects when I am dealing with any type of challenge.

My second experience was during a difficult time with my husband’s health. He had a bad headache that caused nausea and vomiting, and he could not get any relief. He went by ambulance on the 3rd day where they discovered a brain tumor and sent him home with Tylenol and ibuprofen combo while waiting for neurosurgeon referral. I connected with both Jeffery and Margaret, and they did a powerful healing session for him. That next morning, he was able to get out of bed and eat for the first time in 5 days. They continued healing sessions with him which allowed him to function to get through referrals and a plan of action. I want to mention I live in Washington State and they did this remotely from Arizona. It was truly amazing to witness healing in action! I trust them implicitly and know they have only worked for our highest good.”

-Laurel R.

Palo santo and sage in a bowl, a feather and quartz crystals lie beside it.

“The Charvets are enthusiastic healers with very special gifts. My soul portrait session was insightful and spot on. I would highly recommend Margaret and Jeffery to anyone searching for some guidance.”

– Star L.