A mediumship session.

Mediumship is a special gift for Jeffery. She’s found that most loved ones and spirit guides on the other side are clamoring to communicate with their person, and she’s highly skilled in making that connection a reality. There’s immense joy to be found in answered questions, the presence of those you seek, and knowledge of life on the other side.

In your 60- or 90-minute session, Jeffery will also show you how to nurture a close relationship with your spirit family, ensuring that their love, knowledge, and healing energy are with you always.

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    Mediumship sessions are $80 per hour.

    For a limited time, enjoy our Grand Opening Special of $75 per hour!

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    Find connection with a mediumship session, or if you are unsure if this session is right for you, schedule a confab. Our initial 15-minute guidance session is completely free.