A novel approach to healing.

Jeffery and Margaret possess an extensive array of healing modalities, but strongly believe one size does not fit all. They find great joy in crafting a custom healing plan for each client; one that intuitively mixes and matches techniques to the client’s needs. Not only does this enhance healing, it empowers seekers to realize their eternal, most fabulous selves that much sooner!

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Jeffery and Margaret can help you gain clarity on:

Holistic healing & counseling sessions are $125 per hour.

For a limited time, enjoy our Grand Opening Special of $90 per hour!

Specialty Sessions:

Soul Portrait Readings

A soul portrait reading enables you to take a deep, guided dive into your soul’s gifts and its group of origin. You’ll also uncover your life purpose and answer lifelong questions you didn’t even know you had…

Space & Energy Clearings

Much like cleaning and organizing your living space, clearing the energy of a home or business can bring comfort, peace, and order. There are many reasons a space clearing might be needed…


A mediumship session (either virtual or in-person) is a three-way process involving Spirit, the medium, and you. As a medium, Jeffery links the physical world and the Spirit World. Receive the connection you seek…

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