A soul portrait session.

In your 60-minute session, you’ll get in-depth information about your guides, energy centers, life purpose, life lessons, and more. We will answer questions. Plus as a bonus, you’ll receive a PDF document with the full 16-18 page report.

Here is what’s included in the soul portrait reading:

  • Energetic Center of Training – what drives you and what you bring to others in this lifetime.
  • Life Goals and Lessons – your primary life lesson in this lifetime. 
  • Archetypes – your unique collection of additional soul gifts. 
  • Soul Group of Origin – find comfort knowing where your soul originated from.
  • Soul Training – the experiences between lifetimes and how they relate to you now.
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Soul portraits are $250 per hour for the full reading or $125 flat rate for a mini reading.

For a limited time, enjoy our Grand Opening Special of $195 per hour for a full or $95 for a mini!

Schedule a Session

Gain clarity with a soul portrait, or if you unsure if this session is right for you, schedule a confab. Our initial 15-minute guidance session is completely free.