Our space & energy clearings.

Why is space clearing helpful? Everything that happens has an energetic component. Our spaces and belongings absorb energy from everyone and everything. The energies of our families, co-workers, and those who have previously occupied the space affect us more than we realize.

Your home should be a sanctuary. A place to relax, find peace, and refuge from the world. It is where we sleep, eat and recuperate. The energy of our homes should support and nurture us. The wrong energies can negatively affect us in many ways including lack of sleep (especially in children) and our relationships with those that live with us.

A space clearing can transform your space by removing the negative energies.

A few reasons why a space clearing may be needed:

  • You’ve moved into a new home or business, but it doesn’t feel quite right
  • After a breakup, divorce, or someone has left the space
  • If you’ve had a negative event, feelings, or thoughts
  • Experienced repeated arguments in the space
  • After an illness or death
  • You acquire something second hand
  • When you feel as if you’re experiencing a new beginning in your life and want to bring in new energies

Space clearing sessions are $125 per hour.

For a limited time, enjoy our Grand Opening Special of $95 per hour!

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Purify your home or workplace with a space clearing, or if you are unsure if this session is right for you, schedule a confab. Our initial 15-minute guidance session is completely free.